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by DiscipleOfDeath at 12:16 AM
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Pets have been a long since desire of our players, and they are now here!

To learn the commands go in-game and do /pet help

I think you will all be delighted to hear when I say this: Free-To-Play players CAN have their own pets! Unlike many other servers, our Non-Donors can have pets and ride them around the world. Every time you advance in rank, you unlock another pet type.

Once you choose a pet, it is NEVER permanent. You may always change to a different pet whenever you choose.

Donors do have a majority of the pet types, mods, and other things. These entail the following: Pet mods like Sheep Colors, Sheared Sheep, Wither Skeleton variant, and Powered Creepers. The other things get are the abilities such as: wearing pets as Hats, Hiding their Pets, and being able to have their pet ridden by another pet, such as a Zombie Riding a Horse.

Have fun everyone!

by DiscipleOfDeath at 2:42 AM
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MobArena is a plugin that we have long since desired to have, and now it is finally here!

It is still in testing stages currently, but the first arena is almost complete as I am making this post. There are a few kinks to iron out as it is in Beta release, but those will all be fixed soon.

The only arena currently available is named "Default" as I have never setup this plugin before and needed to see how things worked. We will of course add more Classes and Arenas, and you can submit Class suggestions at this: https://worldscapemc.co.uk/threads/mob-arena-class-suggestions.35/ thread

Later on we will open up for New Arena submissions, but lets not get too ahead of ourselves too quickly.

Have fun! Hope to see you all in-game.

by DiscipleOfDeath at 3:02 AM
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Portable Chests is a new feature we have added today, enabling players to run a command to have their own chests without going home to access them.

These chests are 100% virtual, requiring no placement of chests or anything of the sort. All you need to do is do /chest (number) to access your Portable Chest.

There is also a Spawn Parkour update. There are 5 Checkpoints at the parkour course (does not reset a fallback point, falling off still forces you to start all the way over), but if you post a Selfie at a checkpoint on this thread: https://worldscapemc.co.uk/threads/parkour-course-selfies.32/ then we will reward you with cool loot :D

Have Fun Everyone!

by DiscipleOfDeath at 4:12 AM
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Hello everyone! Camel here and I just wanted to give you guys a heads up of all the updates that have happened over Christmas Break!

First: Survival PvP Arena
The Survival Server has gotten its very own pvp arena for you all to fight in! To get there, use:
/warp PvP1, /warp ArenaForest, or /warp ForestArena

Next: Ranks Renamed.
It may not sound like much, but this also comes with ranks having a slightly increased number of homes. The max Non-Donor Rank can set 15 homes now, as compared to the previous setting of 10.

Lastly: Moar Donor Perks:
The day I am making this post this update came out, and it has given them 7 commands that Non-Donors cannot use. They are as follows:
./skull <PlayerName> spawns you your own head to place and be awesome
./book lets you edit written books that may have already been signed and sealed.
./depth tells you your Y value as compared to the normal Sea Level instead of Bottom Of The Earth.
by Gamertron7500 at 8:29 PM
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Hello everyone

You may or may not heard about Minecraft 1.9 coming out at some point, but I think that it'll be a good idea for me to explain what's in store for us.

The new update contains a bunch of new features, such as:
  • Combat improvements
    • Attacks with cooldowns - you can no longer go trigger-happy with your mouse. Doing so will cause you to deal less damage to players, NPCs and mobs.
    • Shields - you can no longer block with your swords.
    • Weapon improvements - axes now deal more damage than swords, but they have a slightly longer cooldown.
    • Golden ('Notch') Apple and Diamond Armor improvements - they're now slightly weaker.
    • Dual-wielding
  • Animations
  • New mobs
  • Ability to fight the Ender Dragon again
  • And many more
I could go through an entire list of what Minecraft 1.9 have for us, but I rather not as it can be pretty boring.

I don't know when Minecraft 1.9 is coming out, but I'm pretty sure that it's around the corner or...