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by Samerton at 6:22 PM
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The server is currently down for maintenance, and is likely to remain this way for the next day or so.

Edit 4/11/2015: Survival is back up, however creative will remain down for the foreseeable future.
by Electro440 at 10:35 PM
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--- Updated 7/13/15 ---
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Hey All,

As you have seen, major updates are being made to the server now that our finals are over! First off, I just want to give a HUGE THANK YOU!!! to all of you who have helped us out in improving the server since we fell off the map about a month ago. We are truly grateful for your assistance.

We are proud to release our Admin Shop at spawn - finally implementing the long-promised shop system and economy. You can currently access the shop with /warp shop, or through the main building at spawn. We hope to implement even more features that will augment our economy soon. As of now, the major way to gain money is to kill mobs or sell items to the shop. I recently added a Services Bulletin Board to spawn.
Note: Some items, such as enchanted books, doors, enderpearls, and a few more items are missing....
by Electro440 at 2:25 AM
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Hey All,

As we are coming to some important decisions regarding the future of Worldscape, we are rolling out a series of polls that you have (hopefully) seen and voted on. We would like to take the opinions of you guys into account while we are setting things up.

1. KitPvP: http://strawpoll.me/4133667
2. Survival Ranks: http://strawpoll.me/4115957
Note: More coming soon, be sure to check back frequently!

Thank you for your continued support through these times,

Worldscape Staff
by Samerton at 7:14 PM
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After receiving several requests to switch to a Factions/PvP/Griefing setup, I've decided to open up a poll for the community to have their say.

Please check out this poll and vote on the future of Worldscape!

Edit: Poll closed. Results:

No - 17 votes
Yes - 10 votes
by Samerton at 6:52 PM
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Welcome to our brand new community forums. User accounts have not been carried across from the old forum, sorry!

However, they are linked with the Minecraft server, so by typing /register ingame, you will create an account on the forum and receive some ingame items!